3 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Wedding Video

Preparing for your wedding day video can sound daunting, but it’s really all about being yourself and capturing that love story you’ve spent so much time cultivating. Your wedding day will be a blur of happy memroies and emotions, heartfelt words and teary eeyed speeches. The best way to make your wedding video memorable is to prepare your interview, vows, or love letter to your honey. We want to get to know you and your love story, so your wedding video will be uniquely YOU.


During your wedding day, we will arrange time while you get ready for a sweet little interview of you both separately. So many details and thoughts are put into the look of your wedding day, but try to focus on the “feels.” We want to capture your feelings and thoughts about your love so that you can relive them over and over. The best way to prepare for the interview is to take a peek at the sample questions, and think about what you would say about your other half.

-How did you two meet? -How did you two fall in love? -When did you know they were “the one?” What are some of your favorite things about your other half? -What will your marriage be like? -How do you know your marriage will stand the test of time? -What are you most looking forward to about today? -If you could leave your other half a voicemail, what would it say?


Included in your wedding videography planning should be vow booklets for you two (you can order them on etsy). We will be asking you to read from them on the wedding day. This heartfelt proclamation of love is the one thing you don’t wat to forget from your wedding day. We will overlay your words over the scenes of the day to keep you always remembering those magic moments.


Another great way to express your love and thoughts is by writing a love letter. You can describe how your intended has made you a better person, or write about your love story. Even describing the little moments in the day when you thought of them or were grateful for them can make for a sweet story.

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