Best of 2019

We think about the weddings and elopements of 2019 and get all teary eyed seeing our amazing couples and their tender love stories. Scrolling through the photos brings home the realness of it all!

It feels we’re scrolling through a little piece of humanity – the joyful parts, the off the grid parts, the “this is what it means to be a human” parts.

The parts of uncontrollable emotions, rushes of tears, easy laughter and smiles exchanged in secret.

Every image is of a real moment, in all its glory. Because that’s the hot tea that we’re here for. We’re here to capture the moments that mean the most to our people. We are here at your wedding, with your dearest family and friends because something incredibly REAL is happening to you. You are becoming husband and wife. You are becoming soulmates. You are changing your life.

In your scrolling, remember these are real people. They’re genuine photos of genuine moments. They’re (hopefully) going to sleep staring at that photo, tenderly framing it or mailing it and soaking up every ounce of joy in it. The photo moves THEM, becomes THEIR legacy, and that’s why we do it.

It’s a bonus if it inspires you too.

** We can’t look through these photos without listening to a beautiful song to remind us to open ourselves up to emotion and joy and everything else these images hold. Do yourself a favor and listen to this song while you scroll:

photo by Elsa Eileen Photography

Photo by Elsa Eileen Photography

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