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Updated: Sep 30

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We are so thrilled to share some SUPER EXCITING news that we are building onto our team. After so many years of trying to do it all, we’ve realized that it’s impossible. We are always turning away brides because we were already booked aaaaand we don’t want to do that anymore. We want to serve our brides and we’ve found a way to do that.

We’ve never been the ones to choose the easy route and this is no exception. We didn’t want to keep turning away brides and saying “no.” We HATE saying “no” more than anything and we found a way to say “YES!” We have decided to jump with both feet in and expand.

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Our most important values as a company is a passion for people and their stories, kindness, serving our brides and being detail oriented. We’ve spent over a decade crafting our brand to represent our dream business. We’re romantic, soft, REAL, clean, and authentic. We’ve crafted our brand through life experience and knowing what is the most important thing in life: the people in it.

The average photographer stays in business between 3-5 years. We are approaching our 12th year in business. Insert socially acceptable freakout. We can only be in one place at once and because of that, we want to expand to a team of photographers helping all of our brides in Montana and beyond. Our Associate Photographer is trained in our style, values, and is a truly wonderful individual. We’ve spent countless hours invested in her education and growth. We would trust her with our own wedding if we did it all over again. And THAT’S saying something!

White Raven | Honeybee Weddings

Our Associates (apply here) are trained to photograph the moments that our couples can look back and remember really feeling something. Our brides have often imagined their wedding day for years now. How she would look, how she would feel, how every detail would come together in celebration of her love story. They are also trained to photograph every wedding detail with a trained eye for detail and create soft, romantic, clean images.

We will be sharing more with you about our amazing associate photographers soon!

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