Christmas Card from Kelsey & Jake 2019

Elsa Eileen Photography

2019 was a great year. We both turned 30, we bought a little trailer for adventures, and WE GOT MARRIED!

We couldn’t be happier with the year and we are so lucky to have wonderful friends and family to support us through it all. What a busy year it’s been! We’ve been able to travel to family in Colorado, adventure in Glacier and Yellowstone, and make continuous amazing trips to Bozeman and Polson to hang with the best people out there, Momma Lane and the Gochis Fam.

We are looking forward to working more weddings together, our trip to MEXICO over Christmas, camping in our trailer, and more adventures!


Skookum Butte hike in the Bitterroots

Skookum Butte

Ya know those nights when you don’t plan anything for dinner? You’ve had meetings/consults/papers to grade until 9pm and there’s literally nothing in the fridge? The last thing you want to do is leave, buuuut ya gotta eat. We had one of those nights and my husband saved the day. He went to Albertsons at frickin nine at night and got me steak for dinner. He came home and he had this song (and steak, obvi) to show me. He apparently had listened to it all the way there and back. He even cooked the steak. Whaaaat?! I’m the luckiest in the world!

Shakespeare in the Park – Merry Wives of Windsor

We had quite a spread – crab dib, beer, and lots of snacks!

Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park is a great hike! We squeezed it in before we photographed an elopement. I think it was the quickest hike we’ve ever done. It was worth it, but woof!

When Jake first played this song, I have to admit I was basically freaking out. I mean. Whitney?! Higher Love?! Is it even possible?! Yaaassss! (insert Jake shaking his head in judgement of Millenials…) yas queen. Try not to dance to this song, though. Bet ya can’t do it…

I’m a fan of calligraphy and it’s so much fun to practice, buuuuut I am kinda terrible at it. I think my skills improved 100x after addressing all of those wedding invites!

Jake and I took a weekend to ourselves a couple weeks before our wedding day to dedicate some time to writing our vows. If there’s one thing I would recommend everybody do, it’s this. I really loved concentrating on what we loved to do the most – spending time together! We hiked, cooked some great food, went to a brewery and just hung out!

This was the first song we ever danced to and so we thought it would be fitting for it to be our first dance as husband and wife. It was truly such a wonderful evening with our friends and family.

Elsa Eileen Photography

Elsa Eileen Photography

All we wanted to do the day before our wedding day was rehearse our wedding ceremony, eat some delicious food, and take a hike in one of our favorite places – Glacier National Park.

The hiking crew crushed it. We even saw a few mountain goats. The most vicious animals were the nature crazed human beings in cars fighting for parking spots…


Elsa Eileen Photography

Elsa Eileen Photography – I couldn’t have done it without you, Momma Lane!

Elsa Eileen Photography

Elsa Eileen Photography

Elsa Eileen Photography

We were on our way to Safeway for donuts. Who hasn’t been there on a Saturday?! Ya dig? Anywaaaay. Jake very graciously offered to play some Volbeat (insert Kelsey’s nervous thoughts about headbeater music here). I was skeptical, guys. I was. I mean, all I thought I knew of Volbeat was some emo (Jake’s wondering if she even knows what emo means) people blaring without any melody. Boy was I wrong. I can admit it. This band changed my life. I’ve got at least three favorites songs from their new album. This being one of them. And then Jake and Bill were jamming one night and I got to tag along. So much fun! Rock on, guys. Rock on.

JAKE TURNED 30!!! The taco/margarita theme was coming in strong. I guess we were subconsciously thinking about Mexico? Unclear.

We’re heading to Mexico for Christmas so we both signed up for Spanish class. It was 10 weeks of Spanglish aaaand I’m all about it. Here I am all day, talking to Doc in broken English and asking our Google Home how to say loads of words in Spanish.

Auntie Chris and Uncle Mark took us to the zoo in Denver! Hanging out with them for the day was the BEST! The elephant’s show was by far our favorite exhibit at the zoo, but the Penguins were also cool. I guess.

We hit up Boulder to see Trevor’s and Sarrah’s new (ish) digs and we even got to play some softball. In other news, I’m pretty sure Jake and I are NOT the ones you want on your team for late night putt putt golf… just sayin. That windmill had it out for me.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Uncle Joey & Aunt Jackie romped around with us in RMNP.

Lake Street Dive concert #3 and it was great. The rain almost cancelled the show, buuuut the show happened and it was so much fun.

Cabin Creek trail in West Yellowstone

We were in West Yellowstone for an engagement session and so we explored a bit. Definitely the longest 5 miles ever, but we made it!

We definitely have the BEST friends out there!! Look how much they are faking this “whooo” moment! I mean, just look at them. The only one actually into it is me and everybody can tell. I mean…. everybody. | Elsa Eileen Photography

We hit up another Lake Street Dive concert in Dillon, Colorado with Uncle Joey and Aunt Jackie. It was pretty much pouring the whole time and for a second, we thought the concert would be canceled due to lightning. Thankfully, Lake Street Dive rocked on!

We drove down to Denver to see family, celebrate Trevor and I’s 30th birthday, and pick up our new little trailer! We rode a Bird (motorized scooter) at the Pepsi center, hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park, hit up the Denver Zoo with Auntie Chris and Uncle Mark, and even played softball and mini golf with Trevor and Sarrah!

We picked up our little Hiker Trailer and camped in the pouring rain on the way back. The maiden voyage was a success!

We bought an 5×8” trailer and got to camp in it a couple of times before the season was over. It’s basically our new favorite thing and we’re really looking forward to taking it out next summer.

We had just photographed a SUPER cold engagement session where everything was crystalized in snow. I swear it felt like 10 below. Once we hopped in the car, this song came on and we rocked out! It didn’t matter that we were tired, cold, and wet. We were able to have fun together. That’s something I have always loved about us.

We took a Sugar Skull class. Obviously Jake’s were soooo much better than mine.

Kelsey bought us concert tickets for my 30th birthday this year! Who did we get to see you ask? LORD HURON!!!! It was a cool summer night with great food, beverages, and seats. Yes. We got seats – you can’t stand at a concert for hours on end! And I’m not putting up with people all up in my business on the “lawn” like I’m at Woodstock or something. I’m an adult and I need a seat at concerts now. #noshame

Best part of the concert? This song. Disco ball. My wife holding my hand.

Elsa Eileen Photography

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