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C&J’s engagement session started off with us visiting their little farm in Townsend and I fell in love with their goose, Ralph, right away! He honked at anybody who came close, except for Justin. He chirped and chirped as soon as Justin was close by and it was adorable.

From there, we went straight up the mountain on a rocky road (it was touch and go there for a second). Once we made it to the top, the views of the mountains all around was more than I could’ve asked for. The wind was blowing just a little bit and it was perfect to whip that hair back and forth. We hiked to the top of the mountain and overlooked the valley. Even in their boots and nice jeans, they made it and it was worth it. Not gonna lie, I love sagebrush and there was so much of it! And cactus. Jake had to protect me from the cactus. He wasn’t so lucky.

As crazy as wedding planning in 2020 has been, I asked Caroline what she was most looking forward to on the wedding day. She said she was looking forward to just telling Justin how she feels about him. Awwww!! As if that isn’t cause for happy tears, I don’t even know what is. Justin was looking forward to the food. The man has his priorities in order!


Caroline & Justin met right out of high school at the local gas station in Townsend, Montana. Little did they know then that ten years later they would be living in the same little town where they met. She was visiting for the summer and he was working for his dad on the farm. She told her friend the moment she saw him that she was going to marry him aaaand…. here they are! A decade later and getting married at one of our favorite venues, Chico Hot Springs.

He is a true small town boy and full time farmer. She is a ranch hand and a shepard with some cows and sheep. I would give ANYTHING to have some of her lambs at the wedding! Anybody else?! Anybody?!


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