How to Keep Your Sanity if You’re Planning a Wedding in 2020

It’s times like these that really test who we are as human beings. It would be easy to hold up at home, get trapped in our anxieties and feel alone.

Sure, it would be easy.

But in this time where you are engaged and planning your wedding, it’s important to remember why you are getting married in the first place.

Think about the marriage side of the wedding. It’s easy to get caught up and stressed about the details of wedding planning, but every now and then take a break. Forget about the Plan B’s. Forget about the stress of the wedding. Forget about the wedding itself and think more about the marriage. Think about how you can love each other even deeper after you are husband and wife. Think about how you will make your marriage special or how you can create new traditions to celebrate.

It’s important to spend time to reignite the flame and pour love into each other. Now is the time to take a breath and recalibrate your heart to love your partner better. Do an emotional checkin with your partner to see how they are feeling about things. Remember that you are both in it together. This is a team effort.

On your wedding day, you can think about it this way. You have gone through so much together in this unprecedented time of COVID-19 that all the rest is a gift. No matter when your wedding is – at the end of the year, next year – or where it is – in the mountains, next to the river, in your backyard – nothing can bring you down. Grannie could want to be right next to you during your first look, the weather could push you inside, heck, your veil could even catch fire and NOTHING will bring you down. Sure, your wedding day might look different than how you imagined it, but it’s better because of the wisdom you’ve gleaned from this experience.

It’s all about the marriage and you and your partner’s relationship. You will come out stronger because of the adversity you are facing. In this process, you are not only laying the groundwork for the next year of wedding planning, but for your whole lives. By remembering to communicate better, to be open about your feelings, and to share in this difficult time together, you are creating a foundation that will stand the test of time.

To our amazing 2020 brides: You girls are STRONG. You are seriously the strongest human beings I know. I want you to know that Jake and I are here for you every step of the way. I know this ***t isn’t easy. The emotional struggle is real. You are loved, supported, and above all NOT ALONE. I’m happy to jump on the phone or a Facetime date any time you want. We gottchu!! xoxo


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