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When we went to sit down and write this, we thought we had the words ready. We were going to type out a story about this amazing engagement session we had with our friends, Logan and Josh in Missoula. That task would be pretty easy, the words here would just a small piece of a much larger story. But when we sat down, we realized Logan and Josh’s amazing relationship is so much more than one little engagement session, it’s their whole lives that have lead them to be marrying their best friend. So, sure, we’ll tell you the story of their Blue Mountain engagement session, but just know, there’s so much more to them and we love that about our couples.

It all started when their adorable fur babies, Miles and Canon, bounded out of the car. From there, Logan had hot cocoas for us because, “you have to keep your crew nice and warm!” What amazing couples we get to work with!

From there, we ran around, wrangling the dogs and it was basically our favorite. Fur babies are the BEST and we always love when they tag along. The dogs even got a chance to run around on the mountain, so there’s a win for everyone!

Not every couple call pull off the “Bachelor hug” (for those of you who are not shamelessly into the Bachelor, I hope you won’t judge that we totally are!), but these two went for it and nailed it!

This type of thing is just the best version of what we get to do all the time. We know every couple we shoot, everyone we become friends with, all have their favorite moments and adventures. It speaks towards the type of people we get to love on, the adventures we get to have, the type of world we’re getting to make and capture… and honestly, it just makes us excited about the future.




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