Missoula Engagement Session | Winter Engagement

Corey and Corey… yes, beginning on their wedding day they will have the same name! We had to go with calling boy Corey “Mr.”! Or maybe he would’ve preferred Nicholas Cage?? It turned out he was an avid fan. So much so that their one day house would likely have an NC themed guest bedroom. It’s totally normal.

Miss Corey and Kelsey had something really cool in common – they are both twins with brothers! What are the odds?! Also they’re both freakishly accident prone. Oop. Good thing neither of them were harmed in the making of these engagement pictures!

These two have known each other for SO LONG, you guys. They were clearly so comfortable with each other that they made the best out of being outside in the cold Montana weather to take their engagement pictures even when they had gotten colds just that morning! Nooooo!

Their Missoula engagement session took us to the Rattlesnake Trailhead. The amazing thing about Montana winter engagement sessions is that it’s gorgeous even when it’s so SO freakin cold! Although, we’re not gonna lie, we would’ve LOVED some snowy engagement pictures! Missoula is the perfect place for engagement pictures, but we have a soft place in our heart for the winter ones!

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