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Updated: Sep 30

St. Mary, Glacier National Park | Elsa Eileen Photography

The story with Jake and I starts back in 2016. I was living in Seattle at the time and I got a call from Jake’s parents (obviously before I knew they were Jake’s parents). They were calling to book me for their daughter’s wedding. I met with them and they were so sweet and so much fun. I had monthly dinner dates with them for a few months before the wedding date. I didn’t know it at the time, but they were planning on setting me up with Jake at the wedding.

Of what they told me about Jake, I wasn’t too sure I would like him and honestly didn’t think a lot about it. I lived in Seattle and the wedding was in Polson, Montana, hundreds of miles away.

The day came when I flew into Missoula and it was Jake, with his shorts, flip flops and a smile, who picked me up at the airport. He even had my favorite beer (Coldsmoke) and a snack waiting for me to enjoy on the hour ride up to Polson. Immediately when I got into the car, it felt like we could talk and joke like we’d known each other for years. We joked, talked about our lives, and even sang Disney songs (yuuup I’m that girl, knowing all the words to a Disney song and singing them to a mostly complete stranger). How he dealt with me after that, I’m not even sure.

The rest of the family turned out to be just as charming as Jake was. After a full wedding day with them and when my time had clocked out, I stayed for the dance party. Towards the end of the night, it was just me and Jake left. Apparently Jake had insisted his parents go to bed with some resistance from his dad. We danced to what turned out to be the first dance song at our wedding, Mistakes by Lake Street Dive.

I honestly thought I would never see this person again. I mean, I had a successful and fulfilling life in Seattle and he had a career, his family and friends in Missoula. After talking a bit hundreds of miles apart, I agreed to come out and watch the Griz game in the fall. It was then that he told me, “This is something different. This is something rare.”

Fast forward five months and I had moved back to my home state of Montana. My mom was obviously over the moon to have me back “in country.” I was really excited to be closer to family and to start my new adventure with Jake. It was scary, leaving behind the life I knew for six years, but I just knew that he was my person. That gave me the courage to pull the trigger and follow my heart.

I had a few weddings left in Seattle to photograph that following summer so Jake came along. He was so supportive and willing to be my assistant during the long wedding days. He even came in clutch when I almost dropped a $2500 lens. I joke that that was the moment I knew he could handle the job.

The best 2nd shooter there ever was!

Jake became interested in photography and joining me photographing weddings. I never would’ve thought that he’d want to spend his summers basically not having a life and photographing with me all the time, BUT he mentioned being a part of the business! I had him along early on as my second shooter with my old business, Kelsey Lane Photography and it was so great having my best friend with me on those long days! It made me feel like I wasn’t alone and I could share my passion with someone.

Not alone all day at the wedding fairs anymore! YAY! Jake and his dad built this booth!

I’m not the only weirdo in the photobooth!

As the business expanded into videography, planning and now into a two photographer business, we changed the name to Honeybee Weddings. He is the honey (because he’s the sweetest human being you’ll ever meet) and I’m the bee (because I’m always working, running around and wanting to adventure).

One of our shared passions is travel! I’m so lucky to have traveled to different states, countries and continents with this amazing human! Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Rocky Mountain, and Glenveagh are checked off with so so so many more to explore! Our trip to Ireland was the most AMAZING adventure I could’ve hoped for and our honeymoon in Mexico was so relaxing I almost didn’t want to come home!

Zion National Park

Camping is one of our new favorite things!

Logan Pass, Glacier National Park

Giant’s Causeway | Northern Ireland

Sayulita | Mexico

After 100+ weddings together, we are now married and I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be called his wife. He is so talented and ESSENTIAL for every wedding day! We love to adventure and camp in our little trailer in the summer, so we are excited to book more adventure elopements around the world!

St. Mary, Glacier National Park | Elsa Eileen Photography

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