Questions to Ask A Wedding Planner

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First things first, girl. CONGRATULATIONS!! You’re engaged! But wait a minute. After the “HEY HEY WE’RE GETTING ENGAGED” time of your lives, there’s a pretty rough comedown when you realize that oh, now you have to plan that wedding? Pinterest isn’t going to plan it for me? Wedding planners can definitely help to make it easier. There are so many different styles and services out there that it’s important to find the perfect fit for you.

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Here are some helpful questions to ask when inquiring about a wedding planner:

How long have you been in business? How many weddings do you usually plan each year?

Explain your problem-solving and communication styles.

What made you want to be a wedding planner?

What kind of planning do you offer? Logistical only (ie. organizational, handling things like timeline and floor plan) or Design and Logistical (ie. bringing a client’s vision to life as well as taking care of all the organizational aspects of the wedding)?

Do any of your packages include planning the rehearsal dinner and/or post-wedding brunch?

Can you give us a detailed list of all items included in your fee?

Do you invoice us for the vendor fees or do we pay them ourselves?

Can you explain a time when you had to deal with issues with vendors before, during, or after the wedding?

Will you stay on site after our wedding to make sure everything has been broken down and all vendors have left?

Will you be the person on site the day of our wedding or will it be another planner? How many assistants do you have?

After we give you our budget, will you provide us with a breakdown of how the money is being allocated?

Can you provide us with a list of references?

After your conversation with them, you should feel heard and that the planner understood the vision for your wedding day. There should also be a good connection and your personalities should mesh well.

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