The Rules of Having Pets at Your Wedding

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Let’s be honest, we all love animals, right? We have our little fur babies who we couldn’t imagine our lives without. We have the wild Montana animals that are so majestic in all of their glory. We’ve got it all!

The question is, what are the “rules” about pets at a wedding? We happen to LOVE when pets are involved during the processional, but one rule is to never have anything valuable attached to the animal. A dog ring bearer is adorbs, but if that dog goes rogue or the satchel isn’t attached well enough, you’ll have thousands of dollars lost in the grass somewhere.

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We also recommend having a “handler” for the dogs so when they get unpredictable (cute, but not something you want to deal with on the most important day of your life), someone can whisk them away without a fuss. Knowing your pet and how it will react to the environment is important to note. Before you pull the trigger, be sure the pet behaves well in new environments and around large groups of people. Take into account the wedding venue and any animals onsite that the pet might want to chase/eat. Is your wedding venue located close enough to your house to make for a reasonable pickup and dropoff?

We’ve photographed several weddings that included fur baby dogs, but if your passion is horses, don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your wedding as well. Horses are large, unpredictable animals so having proper training and a herder for it is so important. A horse could make for a stunning bridal entrance to the ceremony or beautiful arm candy for photos.

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What about those animals that you don’t want at your wedding? We all want those picture perfect Montana mountains for our wedding day, but with that comes the possibility of wild animals stepping in. Of the most popular are deer, who spook easily and are harmless. Bears can pose a bit more of a risk and it’s important to know how to deter them. Bears aren’t fans of loud noises, so staying in large groups and talking does wonders. You can also have bear bells to further deter them. You can’t go wrong with bear spray. Should the unlikely event occur where you are faced with a bear, the spray is very effective at warding them off.

With a little planning and organization, pets are the puurrrr-fect addition to your wedding day. Just remember, they shouldn’t steal the show from the bride and groom.

Honeybee Weddings

Honeybee Weddings

Don’t forget you can include your larger pets too!


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