Wedding Checklist: Lower the Stress

First things first, girl. CONGRATULATIONS!! You’re engaged! But wait a minute. After the “HEY HEY WE’RE GETTING ENGAGED” time of your lives, there’s a pretty rough comedown when you realize that oh, now you have to plan that wedding. Pinterest isn’t going to plan it for me? How am I supposed to plan this once in a lifetime event while being a working girl?! Honeybee Weddings can make it easier for you in more ways than one. Now it’s time to start the exciting, but definitely overwhelming wedding planning process.


is get that checklist, girl! No matter what type of planner you are, the “entire wedding budget on a post-it” type or the “must have at least 17 pages of a spreadsheet” type, we’ve created a simple wedding checklist – or, really, a flowchart – for you. Print it out, slap it on the fridge and follow the general steps.

How to Use This Wedding Planning Checklist

First, get out that red pen and cross out all the stuff you don’t care about. I won’t be offended. Seriously. Go crazy. If you’re getting married at a state park, you can cross of ALL that jazz about the venue. If you don’t care about DJ/Band because you’re going to hook up your own system and party al night, cross out the stuff about finding the DJ/Band. At the end of the day, all you really need is your other half, the officiant and the dress. Or a sexy pantsuit. Beyond that, it’s all extra, so cross out what you don’t need.

Go wild and reorder things. We are wedding experts, but not the experts on your wedding (yet 😉 ), so if you want to do things in a different order, girlfriend, you do you. (Though, seriously, don’t get your dress till you know where you’re getting married. Many a giant ball gown has been lost when Glacier National Park was picked as the venue.)

If the mere thought of planning and checklisting makes you want to run away and hide, hire a wedding planner. Honeybee Weddings isn’t just your average wedding planner, we have years of experience as photographers and videographers too! We take your vision and love story to tell the true story of your day!




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