Wedding Planner Q&A During COVID-19

Updated: Sep 30

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It’s a crazy time of our lives for those of us planning a wedding during COVID-19. With so many logistics up in the air, the stress of it all can really take a toll on you. There’s SO many questions to ask and not enough time, amiright?!

All logistics aside, it’s always so important to remember to take care of yourself and stay sane during this crazy time. We are here with some rapid-fire advice for all of our lovely brides out there.

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What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a wedding under 50 guests, but usually this ends up being around 30 people. It’s such a nice way to get quality time with your closest family and friends. It’s also a great option if you don’t want to postpone your wedding for an entire year. The whole idea behind micro weddings is that they end up being more of an adventure experience for you, your honey and your closest family and friends. It’s really quite magical!

How Can I Talk to All Vendors at Once?

The site called Doodle is a great place where you can schedule with all of your vendors without taking all day long to do it. Start with your venue to get their available dates. You can put those dates at the top and then send to the rest of your vendors. They can check when they are available and you can see who is available for what day. From there, you just prioritize what vendors are must haves for your day and which ones you will need to replace.

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What DIY projects we can do if we postponed for a year. I want to be creative and keep myself busy.

If you’re really handy and want a donut wall, that would be a good call. You can then sell them on bridal sites after you’re done. Making your favors right now is a great way to pass the time and make your wedding extra special for your guests. You can think about homemade honey, soap or even candles. If you’re extra, you can knit shawls, build your own ceremony arch, welcome signage, or handwrite your escort cards.

What is the checklist for postponing?

First thing to do is check your venue availibility first. Next, consider what type of guests were on your invite list. Are they in town? International? This will play a part in your postponement. Just because America is open for weddings won’t mean that travel will be available. After your venue, contact your vendors to check with rescheduling policies. Use Doodle to streamline the availability process. Prioritize your vendors in case not all are bookable for your new date. The question to ask is, “Which ones could you see yourself without?”

When you’ve settled on your date with your vendor team, your next step is to inform your guests. The most efficient way to do this is via your website followed by a written “save our new date” card.

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How to move forward with wedding planning if you don’t know if your wedding will be canceled?

Work on the smaller details while you have your free time. Gifts for family & wedding party is something you’ll need to do no matter when your wedding is. Work with small businesses and online shops offering discounts. Now is a great time to talk to that calligrapher who you wanted to make your specialty cocktail sign or welcome sign. Support the people who are in your neighborhood. You’ll find people who want to support you and make these things for you.

When you do reach out to vendors, find out their rescheduling policy. A lot of vendors have been adding additional clauses in their contracts so they are covering their couples and understanding to the fact that we don’t know what will happen in the coming months. Find vendors that are flexible.

Can I have weddings in phases?

Yes! A big trend we’re seeing is splitting up your wedding day into mini celebrations. You can have an elopement wedding and smaller ceremonies with your individual families. You can have as many celebrations as you want. If you want a micro wedding ceremony in the destination and epic location of your choice. If you have friend groups in clusters, you can do smaller, intimate dinner parties. You can turn the year into many small celebrations that will always be special to you. There are so many ways to downsize your wedding, while still making it special.

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Must/Do’s or have on establishing a timeline for mini-ceremony

The mini wedding timeline is much more relaxed. Have your pastor or photographer do the logistics on timeline. Basically, anybody but the bride should be running the schedule. Make it clear to family, friends, and vendors that you are not available for day of shenanigans.

It’s important to have wiggle room for EVERYTHING. You’ll need it somewhere in the day and it’s nice to have some flexibility there. Tell people to be at your ceremony 15 minutes earlier than you actually plan to start.

The real must have is a wedding day coordinator. Brides making their own timeline sometimes forget about things like time for putting on the dress, that hair and makeup usually run late, travel time adds up, how much time quality photography really takes, or the best time of day for photos, If your dress has buttons, leave so much more time for buttoning. A mini crochet hook or bobby pin will come in clutch if your family and bridesmaids don’t have itsy bitsy teeny weeny hands. Designate three people who know how to bustle your dress. When possible, send your bridesmaids a bustle video in advance so they know how to do it. Always opt for sunset photos! First look timelines save you time and gets some of the jitters out.

Tips for when you’re feeling overwhelmed and burnt out with wedding planning?

Sit down with your fiance when you have a drink in your hand. I find it always helps to go for a walk, hike, sit outside, or soak up the sunshine for a change in scenery. Take it one step at a time. Take the breaks. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and burnt out with any wedding, but especially during this crazy time. Self care cannot be overdone. Bring on the face masks, facial steamer, nail kit, or a spa night. Or even better – make him give you a massage.

If you have one designated day of the week for wedding planning, it can manage the mania of bombarding yourself and partner. You can be gathering ideas and thoughts during the week and then having a “show and tell” for when the day comes.

Another idea is to delegate. There are so many people out there who would do anything to help you. Assigning them tasks usually makes them all happy inside that they are included in their day. Even though things might be done a little differently than how you would do it, your mental health and relaxation over those issues are totally worth it. You really don’t have to do it all yourself. Sure, don’t give them SO many tasks, but research or little projects are totally ok.

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