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Whitefish is one of our favorite places for a wedding because no matter where you turn, you’ll have gorgeous mountains as a backdrop. We’re mountain people, can you tell?? Not only is Whitefish a gorgeous place all on its own, but it’s so close to Glacier National Park for all the adventuring! We took these two lovebirds in to the park for a sunrise adventure session and it was basically magical. Rainy, but magical.

We love these two so much! They were the nicest people and Jake and Danny bonded a bit over their love for hockey. Not to mention these beautiful people were so much fun and up for anything!


Rachel and Danny both went to college in Wisconsin and she lived next door to him in the same building. She lived with a bunch of girls and all the guys in Danny’s apartment would hit on all of the girls in Rachel’s apartment. The girls always made them cookies soooo… obviously, but Rachel wasn’t having ANY of this.

The two apartments would come together and have parties. One of their fondest memories is the first time they interacted. Rachel was playing a drinking game and Danny was joking around with her. She thought his name was Benny!

A week later, they actually realized how well they got along and four and a half years later, they’re married!

Photography: Honeybee Weddings | Flowers: Flathead Farmworks | Rentals: Celebrate Event & Party Rental | Hair Salon: Brette Cady with 406 Hair | Bridal Dress Designer: Lulus | Jeweler: JM Donevans | Bridesmaid Attire: Bridy Grey | Catering: Fork in the Road & S&M Taco | Miss Patti Cakes | Stationary: Ann’s Bridal Bargains


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